Nov 9 2017 Charity in the office? A look into the strange items in our office

Looking around the office, I noticed some odd things on the tables. Some things seemed very out of place but once I heard the backstory of the items, I was surprised. I had made an unexpected discovery into some of our staff members.

Totoro figurine

Our biggest member of our team, Masa(190cm) has a peculiar figurine of Totoro perched on the corner of his table.
Why he decided to bring this figurine is still a mystery, however, it has floated to different desks and is thought to be a great way for our team members to relax.

Post-it with a phone number

On top of Kiko’s desk is a post-it note with a phone number. The number is our office number! She has stated, no matter how many times she has tried to memorize the number, she still needs to have a post-it next to her.

Bottle of spice on top of the table.

There seems to always be a spice bottle on Daichi’s table. It sticks out as it is not something you will normally see on an office desk.

I had to find out why he had an obsession with spices! After questioning Daich, I heard, “These were bought from Sham”.

I thought, Shamsul was doing business in the office?!
After digging deeper, I found out that the spices came from Malaysia. Shamsul’s parents met a lady who was selling spices in Malaysia. The spices were made by a selfless lady who uses the money to provide for the youth in her community. He is now working with his parents to help promote her spices and forming a charity for her community and neighbouring towns.

It’s delicious, you should try!

He has left a sample for the team to try on our microwave.

After our team members tried it, they gave praise to the garlic taste and could feel the spices slowly creeping up later. It was a big hit and everyone has purchased it.

If you ever feel like buying some spices and are in Hongo Sanchome, come down and have a try!

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