Nov 24 2017 Chakiris, USA, Software Engineer for AI/IoT/Manufacturing Company

How hard/easy would you describe job hunting in Japan?

I would describe it as being in the middle. Not to difficult, but not very easy.

How different would it have been without Active Connector?

I think that my chances of landing a job would not have happen so soon. I believe that It would’ve taken at least a month longer.

Would you recommend Active Connector to others? Why?

Absolutely. Everyone at Active Connector seems friendly, but extremely professional. Not to mention, provide results. I would not say that Active Connector guarantees a job, but it certainly feels like Active Connector goes above and beyond to assist their clients.

What was the most helpful/positive feature about your experience with Active Connector?

Open communication and swift repsonses. Also, the advice that was offered, regarding my resume.


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