Nov 24 2017 Angie (China) From Japanese Language Student to Global Product Development

How did you find out about Active Connector?

I heard Active Connector from my teacher who is engaged in the job-hunting centre of Tokyo Institute of Technology.

How hard/easy would you describe job hunting in Japan?

I think it cannot be described as hard or easy, it’s complicated.

How different would it have been without Active Connector?

It will take a lot of time in job-hunting without Active Connector.

How are you finding your new job? Any challenges/highlights?

Through the helping from Active Connector, I know some company that I didn’t know before. And also, I get a lot of chances to choose my favourite job. Active Connector also helped me when I went to the company’s interview. So I don’t think there are any challenges with the help of Active Connector.

Do you have any advice for other members of Active Connector who are job hunting?

Find your favourite and follow your heart! Try your best!

Would you recommend Active Connector to others? Why?

Of course yes! Actually, I have already recommended it to a lot of my friends. The reason is simple, just because Active Connector is a perfect place where can find your favourite things, where can get warm warm warm help.

What was the most helpful/positive feature of your experience with Active Connector?

They gave lots of support in preparing for the interview which really helped during the real thing!

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