Nov 24 2017 Alisher (Kyrgyzstan) Machine Learning engineer for Business Intelligence Software

How did you find out about Active Connector?

From internet. Was looking for jobs in Japan and one of search results was Active Connector.

How hard/easy would you describe job hunting in Japan?

I understand that there are a lot of jobs in Japan regarding Information Technoogy. That means I can say that it is easy to find some IT related jobs in Japan. However, have no idea about other jobs.

How different would it have been without Active Connector?

Basically I was started to look for jobs directly with Active Connector. I am thankful to Active Connector for their effort and kind help.

Do you have any advice for other members of Active Connector who are job hunting?

Just follow the webpage of Active Connector and be clear about your requests!

Would you recommend Active Connector to others? Why?

Of course, I have been recommended to many of my friends already. Why? Because I think the employees of Active Connector are very polite and full of love :)

What was the most helpful/positive feature about your experience with Active Connector?

Their advices before having an interview with companies.


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