Sep 26 2017 Active Connector participated as a panelist at Hokkaido University Career Seminar

Ms.Ono, Keiko, Consultant at Active Connector, presented as one of the panelists at Hokkaido University Career Seminar targeting Ph.D candidates.
At the Career Seminar, Ms.Ono shared the details of how Ph.D candidates can strategically prepare for job hunting in Japan while other panelists talked about academic careers in Japan and abroad.
The session contributed the participants to think about their possibilities for their bright future.

Nationalities of the participants varied from China, US, India, Brazil and all over the world. Most of them majored in Science and Engineering.
All of the audience gave the feedback of the session as “Good” or “Excellent” and more than half of them said “Excellent” for the session.

The session went with very interactive way and the participants asked questions very actively. Active Connector is dedicated to be the help of young professionals and international students to realize their passion at their careers in Japan.

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