Apr 16 2018 Active Connector Hosts First Workshop with Vietnamese Students Association (Tokyo)

(Tokyo, Japan Saturday 16th April 2018) Active Connector hosted launched its first event with the Vietnamese Students Association (Tokyo Chapter). As the first event in a series of talks and workshops geared to supporting Vietnamese students navigate the job market, this event focused on strategies around career-building in Japan. Attendees included students from the University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology, University of Toyo, Keio, as well as a student who had travelled all the way from Osaka University for the event!

As Spring gets into full-swing – many students across the country – international students included have begun their job-hunting activities (i.e.‘Shushoku Katsudo’ (就職活動).) The event provided insight into the traditional job-hunting system in Japan and highlighted key challenges and opportunities that international students face.

Vietnam is one of the five top emerging economies in the ASEAN region. With a strong bilateral relationship that stems in trade activities beginning as far back as the 16th century, the connection only seems to be growing stronger. In just six years between 2010-2016, the Japan Student Services Organisation (JASSO) documented a rapid increase in the number of Vietnamese students in Japan (a twelve-fold increase to 54,000.) Today, Vietnamese students account for 25% of international students in Japan – second only to Chinese students who make up 41% of the intake of international students.

This is part of the Japan Revitalisation Strategy established in 2016 which aims to alleviate the labour shortage by employing more international students after graduation. By 2020, the government aims to have 50% of all international graduate students employed in Japan.

Active Connector’s hosts various regular events with student associations and academic institutions to empower international students with job opportunities in Japan. Events and career fairs to support international students with job-hunting in Japan organised in the past have included collaborations across the country with students in Hokkaido, Nagoya, Niigata and Tokyo.

*Active Connector hosts regular events and collaborations with International student associations and universities across the country. For more information on how to organise an event please contact Keiko at [email protected]

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Established in 2013 by Asami Matsumoto, Active Connector works to build a bridge between talented international students and young professionals with Japanese companies aspiring to be global. With a goal of promoting greater innovation through diversity, Active Connector provides one-to-one consultation with members, university outreach events* and diversity management consulting for Japanese companies globalising their HR strategy. Since its establishment, Active Connector has been featured in various news media outlets including WBS (TV Tokyo), NHK and Nikkei Asian Review.

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