Sep 21 2016 Active Connector gave a talk on job hunting in Japan at Hokkaido University

On 16th September 2016 At Hokkaido University, Active Connector was invited to give a lecture on how to prepare for job hunting in Japan, mainly for foreign students who have been doing PhD studies.

This time the lecture was given by Active Connector Senior Consultant, Mr. Sebastian Heradia. Sebastian has extensive experience in providing career interviews with over hundreds of foreign students. Participants’ nationality is diverse, varying from China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Poland, Ghana, and other countries. Many of them received a scholarship from their countries or MEXT.

In this seminar, we started with s big picture of why the option of working in Japan is attractive among entire Job Market in the world: what kind of field is actively hiring foreign talents, specific tips about what kind of points should be taken care by students who are considering to venture out to new fields of business.

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