1. By consulting with Active Connector Inc.’s (hereafter referred to as “AC”) consultants via online meeting, phone, or in-person, you agree to this application policy.
  2. AC collects personal information that is voluntarily provided to us. Wherever appropriate, AC will request further supporting documents and other personal information to support ongoing applications.
  3. You agree to AC’s privacy policy (located on the AC Website), which AC will follow for the collection of personal information.
  4. Upon your application, you give consent to disclose your information to:
    • Companies that you applied for
    • Any companies that we deem your profile a suitable match for if you agreed to this
    • Other recruitment companies whose positions are listed on AC website
    • AC’s recruitment partners who perform functions on our behalf and who provide services to us including but not limited to professional advisors, IT consultants working on our business systems, research and mailing houses, and outsourcing partners.
  5. The disclosure of the company’s identity is at the discretion of AC’s internal screening process and our respective agreements with the company.
  6. To protect members and the integrity of the application process, direct communication with companies introduced by AC is strictly prohibited unless otherwise instructed or arranged.
  7. You are prohibited from posting anything about the application process in any public domain.
  8. Prompt responses to messages will be reciprocated by our team who endeavors to respond as soon as possible. If within 1 week, no reply is received, AC will assume you are not interested and will discontinue your application process accordingly.
  9. Once an interview with a company is set, you agree, in good faith, to commit to attending the interview at the scheduled day and time. In the event that you are unable to attend the interview, you will endeavor to provide 48-hours notice.
  10. To assist us to support your application process, please inform us about ongoing applications and interviews that have not been introduced by AC. This is to ensure there is no duplication of efforts.
  11. AC does not provide any legal advice on labor or immigration laws. Any information shared by our consultants in this manner should not be taken as legal or immigration advice. Where appropriate, however, AC will provide translation support for those who receive a job offer through our introduction.
  12. To prove your legal status in Japan, please provide evidence of your visa (residence card; passport visa; etc).
  13. If you are to use our service to apply to a company, as a requirement of the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, we are required by law to record your residential address in Japan.
  14. If you are the recipient of a scholarship, please disclose any work restrictions that apply. AC does not take any legal or/and financial liability in case your scholarship is terminated due to job hunting/job offers.
  15. You agree to disclose any conflicts of interest or matters which may impede your ability to be considered for roles which you apply for through us.

Please note that any violation of the above policies may result in an immediate termination of our services to you along with any ongoing applications.

December 2022