December 1, 2014

Panel Discussion with the President of University of Tokyo

Active Connector CEO, Asami Matsumoto was invited to take part of a Panel Discussion with president of University of Tokyo at Home Coming day event on October 18th, 2014.

President of University of Tokyo, Mr.Hamada has been pursuing his policy of making University of Tokyo ‘tough and global’: as we are facing rapid globalization in various levels, University of Tokyo realized its urgent need to foster tough-minded and globally oriented people through its academic program. The president has been taking leadership in implementing various new projects to give opportunities for the students to acquire the best expertise and practical knowledge in the world.スクリーンショット 2015-02-01 16.45.12

In the special forum of Home Coming day, there was a special panel discussion with the President and other ‘tough and global’ alumni and a student and a professor. Asami has been recognized her great courage and leadership skills to launch her own startup which aims to be the bridge between Japan and the world. She joined the panel discussion along with other alumni: Mr. Fujimori, President & CEO LIXIL Group Corporation, Mr.Mr.Inoko from Team Lab, an innovative and exciting company at the border of technology, art and design.


What is ‘tough and global’?

Asami discussed with the panelists and the president about what kind of skill set is needed for people to be ‘tough and global’ based on her experience. She shared her view that being global does not necessarily mean people have to work outside Japan or be fluent in English. She shared that to be global, it is important for people to be open minded and stop differentiating self and others based on certain differences, including cultural differences or religious differences.

While Mr. Fujimori shared his own experience of how he built up his career in the US; how he excelled himself within the ‘exiting rules’: while Mr.Inoko, an entrepreneur in the field of arts and technology stated his view of how important it is to create new rules himself in the society.

スクリーンショット 2015-02-01 16.45.02The discussion heated up with various different opinions, sometimes even challenging the president of University of Tokyo. Overall, the fact that such discussion was organized by University of Tokyo seems to be giving the impression that the university is really on the track of ‘tough and global’.

Asami commented after the session, that ‘I really enjoyed sharing my views with other panelists! I am greatly thankful for all the opportunities I got from University of Tokyo. If I had been to University of Tokyo, I would not be here, doing my own startup. I wish to contribute to the university whatever the way I can.’