March 8, 2014

METI Cool Japan matching Grand Prix

Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry organized Cool Japan matching Grand Prix where companies that are related to Cool Japan gathered to make network amongst each other. Cool Japan is one of the Japan’s national brand that Japanese government tries to promote overseas: Cool Japan refers to Japan’s unique creative industries and any other related initiatives.

There was 7th Cool Japan matching Grand Prix held in Tokyo, February 2014. There were more about 80 companies from various fields of industry gathered. There were companies of fashion, web based venture, and transport. Active Connector was also selected to be a part of the event as we our activity can support the companies working on Cool Japan from human resource aspects.

We were given five-minute presentation which our CEO, Asami Matsumoto shared our business model. It was followed by networking with other presenters as well as participants (observers) of the events. This opportunity enabled us to promote our activity to wide range of audiences who are looking for global talents.

Active Connector believes that one of the keys for Japanese companies to make success abroad is to have good feasibility study as well as good talent to help the work abroad. We hope that we can be the help of the companies’ success in the international environment.





Active Connector staffs with other Cool Japan presenters.