October 31, 2013

Asami, CEO of Active Connector Inc, was invited to give a lecture at University of Tokyo on October 22nd, 2013. She gave a talk about her own story of what made her decide to launch the start up as well as the business models of Active Connector at the class on ‘Innovation and Entrepreneurship’.

There were about 30 + students taking part of the class, and many of them are actually international students.
As Active Connector is aiming to serve international students, their direct feedback was very valuable to us.
Many of them do not have the experience of job-hunting in Japan yet, but they supported the idea of our activity that aims to provide an environment where students can take part of various experiences such as internship and talk sessions of business professionals.

The students shared that the talk of CEO of Active Connector was inspiring as they learnt how one could decide to totally change her planned career to pursue her passion to solve a social problem, namely problems about globalization of Japanese firms and job hunting situation for international students.

We are happy to give lecture to any of the university if we are invited. If you want to hear the talk of Active Connector or the founder’s story at your university, please send us e-mail: [email protected]
Also, you can see a short version of the talk here at Vimeo:

Active Connector: Short introduction from Asami Matsumoto on Vimeo.