March 15, 2015

IMG_4616 (1)Globis MBA has been very popular destination of young and passionate professionals from all over the world. Globis MBA. GLOBIS University launched a full-time English-language MBA program that offers an MBA in one year. In the course, there are students of more than 32 nationalities and they are learning about how to excel at business in a globalized world while learning from different cultures and taking part of internships in Japanese companies.


On February 27th 2015, Ms.Matsumoto, CEO/Founder of Active Connector, was invited by Globis MBA to give a talk to the students about career in Japan. Unlike other international students who are enrolled in bachelor or master degrees, MBA students at Globis have only one year to study in Japan, and with their busy commitment to school work, working on job hunting is very challenging tasks. Since a lot of Japanese companies try to be global, the global talents of Globis students should be the ones appreciated by Japanese companies.


Ms.Matsumoto started off her presentation with the merit/demerit of working in Japan comparing to other options of working in different countries. She also covers the tips of how the students can identify their strengths and narrow down the most suitable companies/industries they can apply for. The students actively participated in the session with a lot of questions, which Ms.Matsumoto tried carefully to provide the honest opinions based on the reality, rather than the ideal situations. Ms.Matsumoto provided the options of what kind of tools people can use in looking for and applying for companies.


The students commented that the lecture was a big help for them and they were now clear about what to prepare for the job hunting in Japan. After the lecture, Ms.Matsumoto commented; ‘I was happy to see many students got motivated to make a step forward and also try not to give up. The situation in Japan is very different from their home countries, but that does not mean that it is difficult, it is simply different. I really hope that the talented students like them can find the best matched companies and eventually be the bridge between Japan and the world through their work.”


About Globis MBA

“In 1992, GLOBIS – a combination of the words “global” and “business” – was born in the form of a single marketing course taught in a rented classroom in downtown Tokyo. From these humble beginnings the institution grew from strength to strength, culminating in the launch of a fully recognized part-time MBA program in Japanese in 2006. This was followed by the launch of a part-time English program in 2009 and a one-year full-time program (also in English) in 2012.


As a young, ambitious and highly successful start-up, GLOBIS aims to inspire and nurture the business leaders of tomorrow on the way to becoming Asia’s No. 1 business school.” (from Globis website: )