July 25, 2013


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July 23rd 2013 was a very memorable day for us…because it was our kick off event!

In our freshly decorated office, there were a group of students got together and CEOs from two promising fast growing venture firms came to hold ‘Interactive Session’.

We invited Capy
and Entertainment Kick: Capy is launching a new frustration free CAPTCHA service. They have been awarded in Silicon Valley’s premier annual awards, Tie50 and many other awards both in US and Japan.

Entertainment Kick provides innovative service called Voyagin. Voyagin seeks to give people a more intimate look at five Asian countries – Japan, India, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. Voyagin offers organized tours by locals.

CEOs from each company gave speech about their business model, and their outlook in the future followed by very active discussions by the students. We made two discussion themes related to companies’ business, and students gave two minute pitching of their ideas directly to CEOs. It was very valuable opportunity for students as they got direct feedback from CEOs.

After closing of the event, students and people from the companies stayed around to have free discussion, which enabled students to ask questions to companies and vice versa.

Active Connector team would like to thank all the student participants, Capy and Entertainment Kick which made our event very special.
More pictures from the event and the video will be available soon!
Please stay tuned for our next another exciting event!

The event was supported by Lab-Cafe: based in Hongo Sanchome, providing a new community space for students to have dynamic interaction. Lab cafe is a creative space for students so that they can take up many new challenges.