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The size of E-commerce market is said to be over a hundred trillion yen. A lot of products are dealt at diverse prices.  

This company has accumulated transaction data for more than 10 years, and provides a unique price comparison service. It allows not only to search product information and closing price at auction, also to see data from past transactions, such as the number of transactions and the price.


The number of their accumulated transaction data is more than 20 billion, and users of their site are more than 8.5 million per month.  


Job Description

■Job Description: 

Utilizing the big data that has been accumulated and will be accumulated, come up with producs that can be good index for global purchase/selling. You will be in charege of new business that is B to B.

The company started new B to B business back in September 2012. They provide marketing support service which consits of digital marketing, data solution and market place. Each service is witnessing large increase in profit and the company is looking for people to further grow the business together. 

The position is for data marketing and data solution parts.

・Assist martketing activities of the client based on web site (corporate site and promotion site)

・Analyze the website, make a startegy, develop 

・You will be in charge of various works related to strategy making (of web marketing) for clients

・Utilizng the date (big data) to make UI 

・Communicate with professionas inhouse as well as from outside the company and conduct various direction

・Be a part of creating/develpkign owned media (PC, smartphone, social)



■Best fit for those

・Who loves to challange the new field of web marketing and Big data

・Who love to work on your won and be a part of new product development, direction etc…


■Requirements :

【Direcotr ] 

(one of the following)

・Consulting/director/IA experience for corporate site

・Direction experience for B to B companies or B to C comapnies’s corporate site, promotion site, EC site

・Web master experiece of your own website


*Better if you

・Have ability of project management 

・Very knowledgable about Web application structrue (CMS) and upside expereince (strategy making, access log analysis, IA)

・Can suggest good ideas of improvment based on numebrs and analystis



・B to B sales expereince (3 years or more) or any pre-sales experience

・Genral knowledge about internet ads and web site development

・Presentation skills for clients

 ・Good project proposal ability


(Better if you have)

・Experience of web promotion at advertisement companies or media related ocmpanies

・Experience of web producer in web companies

・Experience of being involved in research and marketing

・Client side web marketing experince

・Project leader (manager) experience

・Parner sales


・Salary: Based on your previous salary and will be negotiated (4 million to 7 million)

・Transpoartion cost up to 30,000 JPY monthly

・2 day weekedn holiday (Saturday and Sunday) and national holiday

・Paid leaves which you can take from the first day of yoru work

・Summer holiday (3 days between July and September)

・End of year and new year holiday (from December 30th to January 3rd) 

・Special leaves etc…



*Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only



How to Apply


If you like to deal with big datas and your skill set is fit to this position, please apply here with full resume uploaded on our website.  


Please read job description carefully and check your skill set, also please add related skills and experience in your resume to sell you more to the company.   



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