Various Technical Positions at Japan’s Leading Manufacturing Materials Company

JLPT 2 or above (Engineer)


With offices across Europe, North America and Asia this company is Japan’s leading manufacturing company that is working towards becoming the world’s top high-performance materials maker. Their product is very niche and as a B2B business focuses on producing parts and/or materials for automobile, airplane and electronics industry. Currently they hold the world’s largest share in automobile parts. This position is therefore well suited to those that enjoy looking at every detail of a product - one who believes that the quality of a product is essentially the sum of all its parts. 

Under a parent company with over a 100yrs since its establishment, its longstanding legacy in the manufacturing industry comes with a dedication to constantly seeking innovation and fostering a corporate culture that encourages curiosity and allows employees challenges ideas within the company. They believe this is a facet that has constantly helped this company push towards new frontiers.

Despite its long history, the company is pushing towards creating a work environment that encapsulates more globally competitive, and relatively progressive standards. They believe that Japan still remains a relatively closed country and in order for it to be globally competitive, standards need to change. Beginning with their own company they provide various conditions that are not as commonplace. One example for instance is they offer longer paid leave than mandated by Japanese law for maternity and paternal leave for example.

Job Description

Responsibilities will primarily revolve around manufacturing technology and quality assurance. The end goal is to generate greater social innovation in Japan. 


Job Requirements

-Experience or knowledge in either field; metals, materials, and production facilities

- Business level Japanese is required.

* Please ensure you send your research abstract in your application.
Candidates who are mid-level/experienced should have at least 2-3 years of industry-relevant experience. 




MA – JPY 234,600 per month

PhD – JPY 266,000 per month 

Individuals with +2yrs – JPY 450-750K per month

- Bonus twice a year (June and December)

- Raise once a year  (May) 

- With offices around the country, working hours will depend on the office

– locations include Saitama, Tochigi, Osaka and Shimane

- some offices provide flextime. 

  • There is an average of 24hrs of paid overtime per month 

Benefit package:

- Dormitory apartment provided for single employees 

- Separate dormitory apartment for employees with family members

On-site access to subsidised clinic 
Social insurance
Parental leave (for kids but also parents) 

National holidays, Weekends, summer holiday, New years vacation, paid leave. 

In the first year employees will have 20 days, employees can save up to 50 days of paid leave and utilise them in bulk if preferred.

Plese note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan 

How to Apply

If you are intersted in this position, please apply here wit the relevant CV/resume uploaded. Upon your submission of application, we will contact you for the follow-up questions to complete your application. 
First the company will be screening your resume.  If you have been selected for the next round interview, we will disclose you the name of the company.

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