UI/UX Designer at company operating Travel media service

No/Low Japanese (Engineer)
Volunteer/Housing Resident


The company is making the travel experience as "shared experience": previously travel is something you have to plan with the people you already know (your family/friends), on your own, or joined already made travel package plan. 

However this company aims to create new travel plan/destication based on each user's suggestion, make a travel buddy online etc... They are runnig successful community service is SNS platform that the users plan and share travel and look for companion.


The company is running web service and mobile apps that are becoming like one platform for those who love to travel.  They are runnign web media where people can find many interesting travel tips, latest travel information etc... 

The web service also alows each users to share travel information on their own and allow each users to interact online. 


Compared to conventional trips which are planend by expereinced travel agencies etc... because of each one's active participation in sharing travel ideas/experience, the website allows people to explore new opportunities that they have never thought of.  

This media has been grown rapidly as the number of users already reached over 25 million. The repeat rate is over 50%, and over 2.5 million people use this service to experience new travel style.


Active Connector:

・All employees are passionate to provide exciting experience through their services 

・This company will be definitely great place for those who likes travel

・This company operates rapid growing media service.


Company profile:

・Established about 5 years ago

・Number of employees is about 15 (1/3 is engineer)

・Planning to list the stocks on stock market in 2020


Corporate culture:

・Employees can work freely as long as they produce a good result.

・Most of the employees love traveling.

・There are company meetings twice a week.

Job Description

Job Description:

You will work on UI/UX design widely for iOS, Android, Web (PC, mobile)


Japanese level:

Business/Native level



・Experience of front-end development using JavaScript

・Experience of design using design tools

・Skill of HTML5 and CSS


Ideal Candidate:

・Who sympathizes company’s vision

・Who wants to change travel industry

・Who can think and act independently with ownership mind

・Who wants to work freely

・Who has a good communication skill

・Who can always work on proposal and improvement for problems

・Who tries to expand own knowledge flexibly by studying






・Annual Salary: Average 4-5 million/ year (Stock option is available)

・Bonus: once a year (depends on performance)

・Pay raise: 4 times a year

・Benefits: social insurance, transportation allowance, company retreatment trip

・If your travel plan is accepted in the company’s community service, you can do it by yourself.

・Working hours: Flex time (Core: 11:00-16:00)

・Holiday: Saturday, Sunday, National Holiday

・You can work at home once a week

・There is not such culture that senior employees force you to stay late. There are some employees who work overtime, but it is all up to individual efficiency.


*Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only*

How to Apply

If you are intersted in this position, please apply here wit the relevant CV/resume uploaded. Upon your submission of application, we will contact you for the follow-up questions to complete your application. 


First the company will be screening your resume.  If you have been selcted for the next round interview, we will disclose you the name of the company.

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