IT consultant

JLPT 2 or above (Engineer)

About Name to be disclosed upon your application

■IT Consulting: Hearing the needs from the client, propose the solutions. Since the start of the company, the company has been providing quality IT consultations to various clients. Based on the experienes and the world's top level technology, the company provides the best solution all the time.


■System Integration & IT outsourcing: There is a overseas branch located in Vietnam. Togehter with Vietnam and HQ in Tokyo, you will be structuing the best engineering solutions, the company provides system solution services with high performance Combining the work in Japan as well as in Vietnam, the company can provide flexible system running service and can support the clients' needs long term


■Business process outsourcing: Based in Bangkok, Thailand, the service is managed and provided by Japanese people. Meeting the standard of quality expected by Japanese clients, they can provide the service with 30% to 40% less cost than average.


■Support the companis to expand their business to Thailand: Based on the company's own experience of launchig its business in Thailand, they provide the support to companies that want to expand their business to Thailand

Job Description

■Job Description

・Based on the bigdata from the clients’ operating system, you will be working on various web-based system setting and development. The clients vary from public entities, financial instutitions to cosmetic makers.

・Depending on your ability as well as your career interest, you will also be involved in consulting as well as in-house service deelopment.

・For the projects for clients, most of the time, you will not need to stay at clients’ office but work at the company’s office.

・You will be able to learn the most advanced technology while working

・You will be in involved in business development of the projects in your home country (Taiwan or Vietnam)


・Businesslevel Japanese (to be able to communicate with clients in Japanese, can read and write business Japanese)

・Experience in constructing the web system using DB

・Japanese level: either of below

1) Fluent if you are not from Taiwan or Vietnam

2) Negotiable (intermediate or so) if you are from Taiwan or Vietnam

■Annnual Salary:

2,760,000 JPY to 6,000,000 JPY per year


・Social insurance

・Congratulatory and/or condolence money (for marriange)

・Regular medical check up

・Health insurance

・Maternity/paternity leave etc…

■Other conditions: 

10:00-19:00 (break 60 minutes)

123 working days (2 weekend holidays, end of year and new year holiday, special holidays, 10-20 days paid leaves

Overtime work: 20-30 hours a month

Please note that the position is limited to those who are currently residing in Japan only

How to Apply


If you are interested in the position, please apply here with the relevant CV uploaded.

We will contact you for the next step. 


Please make sure that your CV covers all the points mentioed above.



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