Supervisor Candidate for Global Clothing company (Ho Chi Minh City)

No/low Japanese (Business)



With the mission of changing the world through changing the conventional beliefs as well as clothing, the company provides truly good quality clothes that can provide values that none of the previous clothes had.

The company has variety of brand portfolio and there are nearly 10 clothing brands and one of their main brands is the one that the company is involved in all phases of clothing meaning planning (of clothes), manufacturing, logistics all the way up to actual selling in the shops.

The company aims to become the number one global brand by 2020, and they have been very aggressive in acquiring foreign clothing brands.

The company heavily utilizes big data and all the customers’ voices are immediately analyzed and put them into data to contribute to new product planning. They have been making a lot of innovation in the way that factory and manufacturing line works as well as logistics line so that they can deliver the clothes to the customers in very prompt manner.


Corporate culture:There are many talented employees from all over the world. There are variety of works/projects that you will be involved in and you have to be flexible and are very good at communicating with other people in order to be successful in the company. The company is very fair in promotion and reflect your performance in promotion as well as in bonus. The company encourages people to aim high as the company still maintains entrepreneurial spirit. For the bonus/promotion, people who set higher goals will get good evaluation even if he/she did not necessarily achieve the set goals.     

Job Description


You will work as Supervisor Candidate at one of the fastest growing fashion brands.

The brand’s stores are not located only in Japan but also in Shanghai and Taiwan and are gaining great popularity especially among young generations.

The brand is expected to grow in Southeast Asia.


As a supervisor candidate, you will join the team that is in charge of realizing optimal quality, cost and delivery on time of the products.


Job Description:

・You will assist/work on management of quality, cost and delivery time. This is critical for the company to maximize the sales and profits

・To achieve this, you will be coordinating with Tokyo office and also work on product sample etc…

・From time to time, based on necessity, you will make a production adjustment plan with the factory and work with the inspection center to improve the efficiency and cost cut

・To manage the quality of products, you will consider variety of aspects such as material, color, sewing and size etc..

・You will be managing the production process and maintain quality working environment

・You will ensure that the factory capacity is based on what is set under factory policy

・Your work schedule will be like : Monday, Friday: Office Work(meeting, reporting)、Tuesday-Thursday: Factory(Supervising)


【Career path】

Once you become Super Visor, and have achieved great result, then you will be transferred to overseas and promoted to Production Merchandiser at Tokyo.

You can also aim to become Director



・Knowledge of apparel merchandising, teamwork, communication, interpersonal, analytical, problem solving, and leadership skills
・Business level English


・Willingness of frequent domestic/overseas business trips is big advantage
* Need to be Flexible for business trips



・Annual expected salary: VND327,438,400~580,848,000/year

・Performance bonus and Double pay are included.

* Salary base-up may be considered in every March.

・ Working hours;

Mon-Thu:8.00-17.00, Friday:8.00-17.30

- Break time;

Mon-Thu:12:00-13:00, Friday: 11.30-13.00

- Holiday;

Saturday & Sunday

- Public Holiday;

Based on government regulation

・Work locations: Ho Chi Minh City

How to Apply


If you are interested in this position, please apply here wit the relevant CV/resume uploaded. Upon your submission of application, we will contact you for the follow-up questions to complete your application. 


First we will be screening your resume.

 If you have been selected for the next round interview, we will disclose you the name of the company. 




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