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About Active Connector

We are happy to announce that we now have special career advisors for international students. For those who applied and get selected, you will be assigned one advisors who will be able to give you the regular career/life advise in Japan.


You will be able to have the consulting session on a regular basis (once a month or twice a month depending on your interest) and we can give you adivse as to how you can improve your speciality as well as your Japanese so that you will be fully ready for job hunting. The term of the advisory session will be until you graduate (and after you graduate in case you cannot secure the job before the graduation)


The service is dedicated to only 4 students only and we will prioritize those who will meet the background of each advisor. 


It is one of a few sessions where you can really grow with the advise from the experienced Japanese professionals. 

Job Description

■How it works?

・You will apply for the career advisory session

・If there is a lot of applications, we will select the best matched students based on your profile/career advisors’ profile

・You will be arranging the session time through us (once/twice a moth)

・The advisor will give you regular advice, help you get connected to the company that you are interested or help you how you can gain necessary skil set/experience for your dream job.The advisor can also help you think about your career choices with you even if you are not sure of your career choice right now

・The first session will be at our office located in Hongo Sanchome, but from the following session, it will be held at the advisor’s house



・Can come to the career session on a regular basis (once/twicea month) in Tokyo

・No Japanese is required, but we welcome those who are determined to improve their Japanese. During the session, you can request to have the time of language exchange (Japanese practice) so that you can gain neessary Japanese for job hunting

・Determined to work in Japan

・Interested in exploring career opportunities in Japan

・Have enough time for job hunting (We will priotize those who have more than one year of job hunting preparation)

・We will priortize those who want to pursue the career that is similar to the advisors’ background


■Advisor #01: Profile


Very experienced scientists who have graduated from University of Tokyo with master degree in Chemistry. He has retired from Toray Industries. He started to work for Toray Industries, Inc Basic Research Laboratories(Kamakura). He then worked for Polyester Manufacturing Plant(Mishima City) and was responsible for Healthcare Products(Tokyo). He was then in charge of total administration o Toray’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Devices Business.


★Career advise he can give:



・Japan/Outside Japan

・Manufacturer/Trading Company



★Type of industry he is particularly familiar at


Industry:Chemical Industry. Healthcare Industry Industry-Academia Collaboration

Comments to studnets: ” 喫茶去 Would you care for some tea? We are within TITEC walking distance.”





How to Apply


If you are interested in applying for getting the career arvice from the advisor, please appy from here with the CV uploaded. 

Please note that it is limtied t 4 students only and we will prioritize those 

ーWho match the profile stated as above

- Who are very passionate about growing through getting the advice 



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