Oversea Sales & Market in US, Germany and others

JLPT 2 or above (Business)


The company develops, manufactures and sells innovative laser ultrasonic visualization system and Nondestructive Inspection equipment. It is a device that can nondestructively inspect the surface and internal defect of objects, such as parts of cars, airplanes, trains, ships, electronic products, pipelines of oil, gas, power plants, etc. The non-contact laser scanning allows inspection of defect using ultrasound, even for complex-shaped objects.

Main application for this device as follows:

◇ Flaw detection for pipelines of petroleum, gas, power plant etc.;

◇ Inspection of fatigue damage, internal defect, weld defect, cracks in composite material, etc.;

◇ Study of wave propagation mechanism, performance evaluation of ultrasonic probe, structure health evaluation, material evaluation, etc..


They also develop Wireless temperature measurer, which can measure a high thermal device such as soldering and re-flow oven system accurately by its high-performance and high-precise technology.


The company is aiming for global expansion of its products leveraging the fact that 30% of the company’s employees are from abroad, previous international students who studied in Japanese universities. CEO himself is Chinese origin and he is very open for diversity within the company. You will enjoy a lot working with top talented minds coming from all over the world sharing the same vision to create innovation from Japan to the world. 

Job Description

■  Job description:

Oversea sales: Sales & Market of the company’s products. Be in charge of making a contract for sales, NDA, a patent directly with oversea clients. You have to have good understanding of customer service and warranty and conduct the tasks with bestquality. You will be negotiating and making a business deals with clients mainly from North America and Europe in English as well as in German.


■  Requirements:

-Japanese language to conduct the following 1) Communicate with clients in Japanese (Occasionally) 2) Communicate with other team members in the company in Japanese (day-to-day) 3) Can read and write documents & e-mails in Japanese

-Native level English

-Good understanding of business practices in the countries that the company is trying to have business deals, namely experience of staying in England , USA. or South East Asia

-Experiences/Knoweleedges as a plus: knowledge of image recognition, electrical and electronic devises laser, ultrasonic waves and X-ray.


■  Condition:

-Saary: To be decided upon your experiences and knowledges, You will start your career as a contract worker

-Work hour: 9:00-18:00 (one hour break)

-Holiday: Weekend (Saturday and Sunday), National Holiday, End of year and New Year holidy


Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only

How to Apply

If you are interested in this position and fulfil the requirement, please apply here with the relevant CV uploaded and have your profile as ‘ACTIVE’ status


We will contact you for further step after your application 




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