Mobile Network Engineer at company where 80% of employees are foreign people *No Japanese is Required

No/Low Japanese (Engineer)





The company is providing advanced analytical tool and consulting services so as to improve mobile network optimization.

As the company consists of experienced engineers who are specialists from the field of 3GPP and mobile network system, they can provide range of services to leading communication system vendors. One of their services is to provide automatic analytical tools which allows the clients to work on network load, suggest RF adjustment, target cell suggestion, low through put or VoLTE problem cause etc…

One of the company’s popular service is to measure end users’ satisfaction level for communication system providers. Conventionally, communication system provider use streaming, file download using FTP, web browsing etc.… for satisfaction level measurement. Most of the LTE network providers usually rely on its own network to measure DL through put on a regular basis and compare with other providers. However, this has put some limits in measurement.

The company provides network speed measurement application based on RF scanner data etc.… which will enable wide ranges of measurement in more accurate ways. 


Recommendation Points from Active Connector:

-You can learn the most advanced technology of Japanese mobile network.

-This company has good mix of Japanese culture and global culture 

-80% of employees are foreign people.


Company profile:

-Established in 2011

-Number of employees is about 30


Corporate culture:

-All employees are always willing to help and support other employees.

-They feel free to ask questions if there is any concern.

-There is a refreshment break with snacks (ex. cakes and donuts) every Friday evening in order to encourage communication.

-CEO has a passion to make close relationship between employees.

Job Description

Job description:

-Analyze the network measurement data to improve network performance

-In order to work on problem solving, it is required to refer to highly technical documents as well as 3GPP

-You will analyze signal protocol based on the data you have measured

-You will work on documentation

-You will work on network performance improvement





Japanese level:

Not required.

(When you attend Japanese meeting, a translator will be with you.)




-Knowledge of electronic engineering, communication system, physics, mathematics, or computer science


-Knowledge of mobile network

-Experience in designing network

-Experience of working at related company such as mobile network operator or communication device vendor

-Degrees from Japanese univeristies or graduates schools


Ideal candidate:

-Who tries to understand Japanese culture and business customs

-Who can ask questions about issues rather than leaving unsolved

-Who can learn from the mistake and try not to make a same mistake

-Who deals with general works well (ex. keeping the deadline and format)


Type of employment:

Contract employee/ Full time employee



-Salary: depends on skill and experience (Ex: 3 million yen/ year for Entry Level Engineer)

-Pay raise and bonus: available for only full time employee

-Welfare: social insurance, health checkups, transportation allowance (Maximum 20,000 yen/month)

-Working hour: 10:00-19:00


*Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only*

How to Apply

If you are interested in this position, please apply here wit the relevant CV/resume uploaded. Upon your submission of application, we will contact you for the follow-up questions to complete your application. 


First the organization will be screening your resume.  If you have been selected for the next round interview, we will disclose you the name of the company. 

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