Data engineer

Data Engineer/Data Scientist

About the company
This position supports business growth from data.
The company is looking for a data engineer who will contribute to management and business decision-making through the construction of systems for data analysis and utilization in the context of our data-driven management policy.
This position will be responsible for proactively promoting the resolution of issues for business growth across departments.

Specific duties
The candidate will be involved in the construction of data analysis infrastructure.
- Technical research, design, construction, and operation to build data analysis infrastructure
- Create a mechanism to integrate with the company's cloud service infrastructure.
- Create a mechanism to integrate with cloud services such as Salesforce.
- Create a mechanism to provide analysis reports stably in cooperation with data analysts.

The appeal of this position is as follows.
1. Contribute to the improvement of applications and businesses by using data (customer service usage, contract information, and various marketing data) collected in the data analysis platform
2. The candidate will be able to proactively review the ongoing construction of the data analysis infrastructure, including its architecture, which is still under development.
3. Build a data analysis infrastructure for a large-scale service with hundreds of thousands of users

Development tools
Development language: Python, SQL
ETL/ELT: AWS Glue, Amazon AppFlow, dbt
DWH: Redshift, Snowflake
BI tools: Tableau, Redash
IaC: Terraform
VCS: GitHub
Team collaboration: Slack, Notion, Docbase, Google Workspace, Miro

※Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only
- At least 2 years of experience in development and operation of data analysis infrastructure
- At least 1 year of experience in data extraction and aggregation using SQL
- At least 1 year of experience using DWH products such as Redshift, BigQuery, Snowflake, etc.
- At least 1 year of development experience using some programming language such as Python, Java, JavaScript, etc.
- At least 1 year of experience using AWS, GCP, or Azure public cloud
Japanese Level
  • Advanced
- Data modeling experience based on Dimensional Modeling and Data Vault 2.0
Extensive knowledge of RDBMS and NoSQL
- Experience with ETL/ELT tools such as dbt, AWS Glue, Embulk, Fivetran, Talend, etc.
- Experience with IaC tools such as Terraform and AWS CloudFormation
- Experience using job management tools such as Digdag, Airflow, Jenkins, etc.
- Experience using BI tools such as Tableau, Redash, Looker, Qlik Sense, Power BI, etc.
- Experience in leading system improvements and committing to cost reductions and productivity improvements
- Experience in agile development methods such as Scrum development
Ideal candidate
- Willing to work with people from various backgrounds and occupations to promote things proactively.
- Willing to take on challenges and catch up with new technologies.
Annual Expected salary (Minimum)
Annual Expected salary (Maximum)
Salary promotion
Twice a year
Transporation cost coverage
  • Covered based on Company's set policy
  • Yes
  • End of Year and New Year Holiday
  • Saturday
  • Golden Week
  • National Holiday
  • Sunday
  • Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurance (労災保険)
  • Health Insurance (健康保険)
  • Unemployment Insurance (雇用保険)
  • Welfare Pension Insurance (厚生年金保険)
Remote Work
  • Full remote (Under Covid-19)