Data Analyst/Data Scientist

Data Engineer/Data Scientist

About the company
Established in 2018, this company is developing a platform for cryptocurrency exchanges that gives consumers access to discounted products while transforming part of the transaction into cryptocurrency. This allows users to save money while building online assets. As part of their mission, the company also utilizes a portion of the cash-back payment to contribute to society through automated donations.

The company is dedicated to improving society through the online ecosystem they are developing. They aim to connect the world through cryptocurrencies and social action to give everyday consumers opportunities to make an impact on society.
Corporate Culture
The company has around 10 employees and most can speak English well. Due to its small team, the company has flexible rules and it is possible for team members to freely discuss changes to the company rules and work environment with the CEO, who is a well-known entrepreneur in Japan. As the company currently has no engineers on the team, it is looking for engineers who can lead the engineering team.
Global Aspects
  • Foreign employees already employed
  • Many employees speak English
  • International sales
  • Actively pursuing diversity at the work place
  • Market research overseas
PR Aspects
-The company has been featured and referenced in various media, including Forbes magazine.
-The company has been recently approved to join the Japan Cryptocurrency Business Association.
-The company has been granted several business model patents to develop a platform for cryptocurrency exchanges.
Other details
  • No dress code
  • Visa support
[Job Description]
- Application marketing in English-speaking countries
- Data analysis of advertising effectiveness

▍Data analysis to substantiate hypotheses
They will hypothesize a corporate issue and objectively corroborate the hypothesis with various data. Once supported, they will compile the hypothesis to a concrete solution and submit it to the management team.
▍Ad access analysis
They visualize the response to content and services based on trends in ad access, analyze factors, make predictions, and provide direction for quality improvement.

※Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only
- At least 3 years of experience as a data analyst
Japanese Level
  • None
- Knowledge of fintech and e-commerce domains
Ideal candidate
- Those who want to work in an environment that supports the growth of employees' employability and abilities through their work.
- Those who want to further develop their skills in a start-up company that aims to be the best in the world.
- Those who can accomplish small things diligently and painstakingly.
- A person who has the communication skills to collaborate with others in the company and work together on numbers.
Annual Expected salary (Minimum)
Annual Expected salary (Maximum)
Salary promotion
Clear salary table and evaluation criteria.
Transporation cost coverage
  • Covered based on Company's set policy
  • Yes
  • End of Year and New Year Holiday
  • Summer Holiday
  • Other special holiday
  • Saturday
  • Golden Week
  • National Holiday
  • Sunday
  • Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurance (労災保険)
  • Health Insurance (健康保険)
  • Unemployment Insurance (雇用保険)
  • Welfare Pension Insurance (厚生年金保険)
Other benefits
  • You can choose your own PC type
Why work at this company:
- They are a small company that is still growing, they can be flexible regarding their workflow and technology to use.
- They guarantee a competitive salary (higher than your current salary).
- Successful candidates can choose their desired PC for work
- Successful candidates can work on multiple areas (backend, blockchain, etc.) at the same time, not constrained to one specific area
Remote Work
  • N/A