System Consultant - Technology Consulting Headquarters (IES)

About the company
■ Business details
In digital transformation projects in companies, the company will provide consistent support from strategic planning to transformation and operation in order to promote business and business change using cutting-edge technology.

■ Specific business content
The mission is to make full use of the strengths of the accelerator, which is unique to global companies, and utilize the latest technology, to lead the reform programs of customers that are becoming more advanced every day.
・ Formulation of ground design for digital transformation (IT + business/organization)
・ Design of overall architecture and solution that combines existing IT and latest technology
・ Digital Transformation Project Delivery (requirement definition; Design/Development; Test/Introduction; Fixing)
・ Management of global projects. Plan formulation, promotion, and management of tests, transitions, etc.
Assumed annual income: Determined according to experience
Bonus: Yes
Salary increase: Yes

※Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only
■ Must
・ IT planning experience 5 years or more
・ Introduction of various business systems (custom, ERP package, etc.)
・ Planning to introduce the next system
・ Evaluation and selection of vendor products solutions
・ Advanced communication skills with customers
・ Business requirements definition, system requirement definition, design / test, project management experience
Japanese Level
  • Business / Fluent
■ Better
・ Experience of planning a next-generation IT system to realize a management plan
・ Experience and knowledge of major product solutions such as SAP/ORACLE/IBM
・ Experience and knowledge of a wide range of technologies from infrastructure to applications
・ NEW IT Related Skills/Experience (AI, blockchain, IoT, XR, quantum computing, etc.)
・ Experience introduction of custom-made systems in Java/Python, etc.
・ Global project participation experience