Data Engineer -Technology Consulting Headquarters (Data)

About the company
■ Business details
We will entrust the business to support data utilization, architecture design, solution selection, and continuous improvements from data utilization. What we aim for is the super -automated world created by data.

■ Specific business content
In digital transformation projects with various elements such as big data, Fintech, IoT, AI, the business value of the customer company, the ideal form for data utilization, the optimal architecture formulation and the selection of individual solutions. , And we will be in charge of the "implementation" we value the most.

According to the Accenture Data Group, as a "data engineering group that always pursues the value of business", "creating a new data solution using the latest technology services" and "we actually move our hands to implement solutions." Through this, we will support the change of customer companies.

□ Project case
・ Big data architecture printing of financial institutions
・ Digital marketing architecture in the distribution industry
・ Planning of data lake in the distribution industry -implementation
・ Modernization of the data infrastructure of the manufacturing industry, many others

■ Assignment assumption (department details):
・ Definition of what data is used (Data Strategy)
・ Construction of analysis infrastructure (Data Platform)
・ Development of data applications utilizing BI and machine learning (Data Utilization)
・ Development and introduction of AI systems (ML/AI Engineering)
・ Data integration base construction (Data Integration)
* Considering the aptitude, etc., you will be assigned to any of the above sub -teams.
Assumed annual income: Determined according to experience
Bonus: Yes
Salary increase: Yes

※Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only
■ Must
・ System development and operation experience (It is desirable to promote the project with sub -led or higher for more than 3 years)
・ Communication ability with customers
・ Data model design and development experience in industrious application
・ Analytics -related development project experience (3 years or more) or IT consulting experience (3 years or more)
・ Implementation experience in the cloud (AWS, Azure, Google)
・ Understanding processing through development projects (DEP & OPS/SI)
・ Willingness to acquire new technologies and knowledge such as OSS

■ Want
1. Planning and development experience in the SI process
DWH: Redshift/BigQuery/Teradata/Netezza/Greenplum/Redshift/NOSQL/Data store, etc.
BIG DATA infrastructure: parallel distributed processing platform such as Hadoop/Spark, ETL (INFORMATICA, PowerCenter)
Data Integration Infinus: INFORMATICA, TALEND, etc.

2. Experience development and business use of analysis tools
BI Tools: Tableau, QLIK, Powerbi, Looker, MicroStrategy, data visualization, Visualization, DOMO, QuickSight, etc.

3. Experience for business utilization of analysis results by machine learning, etc.
Development experience using statistics, machine learning, and deep learning
Main development language/skill: Python, Hadoop, Spark, Pyspark, Docker

4. Understanding AI practical experience and a wide range of AI system development
Machine learning, deep learning, development experience using AI: Watson, chatbot, natural language, voice recognition, image recognition, blockchain
Main development language/skill: python, node.js, typeScript, scala

5. Custom development and analysis screens of the front desk (JavaScript) experience
Agile development and scrum development experience
Main development languages/skills: Vue, Vue.js, React.js, React.js, Angular.js, Chart.js, Chart.js, AmCharts, D3.js, Rest, RESTFUL, Swagger, DDD, etc.
Japanese Level
  • Business / Fluent