Online Free Interview Training(November 25th ATTENDEE)

About the company
We are Active Connector! We strive to create the world where everyone lives their IKIGAI in Japan meaning everyone lives their passion and talent to change the world.
Founded back in 2013, we have been working hard to establish our network with exciting Japanese stratups that are working on innovative technologies that are changing the world and creating the future.
Things to prepare before the interview: Attire, and how to greet, what to do/not to do ...
There are actually so many things to know when you will have a job interview.

If you are interested to learn more join us in our interactive online session!

TOPICS that we will cover are the following:
・Checklist for preparation for the interview
・FAQ and how to answer them
・Business Ettiquetee for the interview. (Attire, luggage, how to enter/leave the office etc.)

●Date: November 25th (Mon)
●Time: 1pm~3pm
●The maximum number of participants: 15

We ensure that these topics would be helpful for your future careers in a Japanese company.
We hope you can attend and enjoy this class with us!
If you are interested, please send application by November 18th(Mon).
Please note that the registration page may close in case we reach the maximum capacity.

We will send you further instructions once you finished registering and applying on this page through email.

※Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only