Data Scientist for one of the leading automobile company in the world

Data Engineer/Data Scientist

C++ C Python

About the company
The company is an affiliate of one of the leading automobile companies in the world. With the philosophy “Pursuing the Ultimate Customer Satisfaction”, they envision to create a prosperous and exciting mobile society through connected technology and society. The company believes in the constant evolution of technology and determined to keep trying to exceed customer expectations through constant developments.

The company has a lot of access to data and is a data solutions company as well. They have a lot of services like IT solutions, digital marketing, mobility services, telematic services, applications and more. They are constantly coming up with developments and solutions to enrich people’s lives.

One of the biggest developments the company is working on is producing completely automated vehicles by the year 2022. This also aims to solve emergency problems enabling to take people who are unable to drive due to emergencies, physical injuries or disabilities from point A to point B. With this solution comes endless possibilities to better our society and create a more optimized and efficient automobile experience.
Corporate Culture
The main company has been a big player in the automobile industry for so many years and this affiliate handles big data and optimizing it to create and develop solutions. They are actively pursuing diversity and trying to create and inclusive company culture that appreciates every employee’s effort to contribute to the growth of the company. They already have foreign employees working in their office and they already have partners and affiliate companies all over the world. They have a very good training system for their employees. They have an initiative called MARBLE, wherein they support working moms and acknowledge their needs such as sufficient maternity leaves, working 6 hrs a day if their kid is under 10 years old and 4 hrs per day work benefit if their kid is under 2 years old. They also offer a 50% coverage for a baby sitter service fee in support of working moms.
Global Aspects
  • Deal with global projects
  • Already foreign employee(s) working
  • Many employees speak English
  • Joint company/office overseas
  • Communicate with foreign clients
  • Actively pursuing diversity at the work place
  • International sales
  • Market research overseas
PR Aspects
They have a very strong brand connection and have various articles and coverages about their developed products and services. The main company is one of the leading market holders for the automobile industry.

By analyzing and utilizing big data collected from connected cars, the company promotes the development of services and vehicle data in-house, and create new connected services from the company. They also provide data and analysis support to internal use departments. The candidate would be engaged with various departments across the company (mainly for R & D department). The analysis environment is available individually, and it is desirable to have knowledge of the vehicle, but basic knowledge can be acquired in a few months or so.

Key Responsibilities:
-New service development utilizing vehicle big data
-Application development
-Big data utilization proposal (MaaS related)
-Examination of external data collaboration (connected insurance etc.)
-Vehicle data extraction and analysis (support of internal use department)

※Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only
It Skills

Programming Languages-Data base related


・Must have Master or PhD in Computer Science, Mathematics, Operations Research
・people management
(From 4~10people)
・Computational Biology, Physics, electrical engineering, industrial engineering or related technical fields
・ Experience in C, C ++, Java, Python
・ Knowledge of either one : Machine learning, data mining, natural language processing, recommendation,
and computer vision
・ Experience in Scikit-learn, Numpy, Tensorflow, Keras, Pytorch, Chainer etc.
Japanese Level
  • Business
Type of people (Personality)
-Who wants to challenge new things.
Annual Expected salary (Minimum)
Annual Expected salary (Maximum)
Transporation cost coverage
  • Covered based on Company's set policy
Work hours
8:45 - 17:45
  • Yes
  • End of Year and New Year Holiday
  • Saturday
  • National Holiday
  • Sunday
  • Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurance (労災保険)
  • Health Insurance (健康保険)
  • Unemployment Insurance (雇用保険)
  • Welfare Pension Insurance (厚生年金保険)