Product Manager for Recommending AI Pioneering Company

Project Manager

About the company
With CEO from the USA, this is an IT recommendation engine service company. You might say it is just another company similar to others that are operating in the recommendation engine market. Actually, this company differentiates from the others in having to be one of the pioneers in the field and for its innovative approach. The combination of big data and AI that they use; which allows to better personalize the search/recommendation, focus on accuracy in the recommendation. Then, accuracy is the keyword for the company. It uses real-time information.
It is a global company with people located in different countries. Being a leading company in this field and one of the first to begin this service, it also has a child company in the Netherlands, and an engineering team based in Germany. There is constant communication with the global team for exchanging the most updated information.
Global Aspects
  • Already foreign employee(s) working
  • CEO/Executive is a foreigner
PR Aspects
The company is really looking after/monitoring any new innovative technology in the field, for employees to keep their skills relevant and current, there are constant seminars in its own premises; both at its heart quarter in Osaka and its business office in Tokyo.

Business Planning Room 
※Newly formed in 2018, directed by the CEO

-Analyze troubles/problems of users, the market and competitors
-Plan and create roadmap for development of new products and functions
-Manage product development by connecting with the tech development department
-Promote products for both inside and outside of the company
-Support exhibitions

※Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only
-Firm knowledge in web service development and operation of experience of web service consultation
-Business level Japanese
Firm knowledge of marketing
Japanese Level
  • Business
-Experience of developing or operating web service
-Firm knowledge in machine learning or experience selling machine learning related products
Type of people (Personality)
Those who are self-starter
Annual Expected salary (Minimum)
Annual Expected salary (Maximum)
Transporation cost coverage
  • Covered based on Company's set policy
Work hours
9:30 - 18:30
  • Yes
  • End of Year and New Year Holiday
  • Saturday
  • National Holiday
  • Sunday
  • Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurance (労災保険)
  • Health Insurance (健康保険)
  • Unemployment Insurance (雇用保険)
  • Welfare Pension Insurance (厚生年金保険)
Core time: 9:45~15:45

Sebastian Heredia

Senior Consultant

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