Graphic Designer for Creative Company

Designer, UX/UI, 3D, CG

About the company
Since the late 90s, this company has enveloped some of Japan's biggest landmarks and events in innovative art that is goes beyond the canvas and into delves into the experiential. Ranging from 3D projection mapping on Tokyo station to working on futuristic exhibitions at Tokyo National Museum and fashion powerhouses like Vogue, this company specializes in shaping peoples experiences through new mediums.

From video, installation, projection mapping out illumination this company works on a wide spectrum of productions including music videos, corporate events across various sectors from the fashion industry to traditional Japanese events including Kabuki and tea ceremonies giving users/customers a space that blends art, design and technology this company designs space to enhance experiences of clients' products and services.
Corporate Culture
This work is a labour of love and no detail is left, scrupulous individuals who are detail-driven and have committed to the arts are encouraged to apply.
Global Aspects
  • Deal with global projects
  • Already foreign employee(s) working
Together with producers and directors, the company works with a wide range of clients to help them express their values in the form of visuals, advertisements and decorations.

While you will primarily be working with paper based designs you will also be working to produce designs to meet client specifications and involving a wide range of visual / design objects.

【 Details 】

- You will be making general designs to be used to promote the company's events (main visuals, logos, posters, leaflets, tickets etc)
- You will be working on designs that will be used in the event venues (booths, wall decorations, guide panels, work panels, novelty goods etc)
- You will be designing booklets
- You will be designing materials for video content production
- Your be designing and producing material to be used for corporate clients, restaurants etc.

【You may also be asked to do the following based on your skills 】

- Making adjustments, ordering and coordinating with print companies
- Progress control over the entire design, adjustment inside and outside the company
- Cost management, billing operations

※Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only
- Practical experience as a designer (2 to 3 years or more)
- Skills with Photoshop or illustrator
- An understanding of things such as mass printing, color proofing, proofing, or experience with mass printing alone
- An interest in our company and a desire to work with us to help us improve and grow as a company.
Japanese Level
  • Business
- Experience using indesign
- Drawing skills
- Project Management experience
Type of people (Personality)
- People who want to realize their passion through work (who are truly passionate about being a part of a creative team and working on creative/art works).

- People who have good understanding of how difficult it is to create things from zero but also how exciting it is to be a part of it.
Annual Expected salary (Minimum)
Annual Expected salary (Maximum)
Transporation cost coverage
  • up to 10,000JPY
Work hours
10:00 - 19:00
  • No
  • End of Year and New Year Holiday
  • National Holiday
  • Sunday
  • Worker’s Accident Compensation Insurance (労災保険)
  • Health Insurance (健康保険)
  • Unemployment Insurance (雇用保険)
  • Welfare Pension Insurance (厚生年金保険)

Regarding salary ranges:

Those with less than 3 years experience: ¥2.5 to ¥3 million.

Those with more than 3 years of work experience: ¥3 million or above based on your experience and skillset