Engine Engineer at Global Automotive Parts Manufacturing Company

JLPT 2 or above (Business)
Volunteer/Housing Resident


This company core business if to make automobile parts and it deal with very famous automobile companies. It was founded around 80 years ago. It is listed in the biggest stock market in Japan. There are more than 8000 employees/. It has offices in more than 20 countries in the world and also has more than 90 facilities around the globe.

On the surface this might look like a typical old Japanese company, but it is not the case.


In Japan they already have 50 foreign employees. The company does not care much about nationality but skills and motivation.

And when it comes to motivation, this extents even to the Japanese language. As long as you have motivation to learn Japanese, the company can accept your current level (with exception with very specific positions.


Even thought it is a big company, it has flexible working arrangement.

For instance, depending on the specific section, telework is also possible. As example, recently one employee, for special reasons had to take care of family and was allowed to perform his work remotely.

They also have flexible time, with core working hours.

Furthermore, in this company, you are paid for what you effectively work. It does not have the policy of including as part of the established salary package certain over time working hours (such as 10, 20 or 30). If you do extra hours. So, if you do extra hours (when needed), you will be paid additionally for it.


In addition, there is no discrimination in terms of promotion. You can aim for higher positions, deliver, and you will have it.



There are various roles open, but, in general, there are the following features:

For the business side, you will deal with people from different countries and for the R&D positions, you will have visit overseas to factories around the world.


Finally, doors are open for fresh graduates and mid-graduates as well.

The screening is flexible: so, even if your application is for one specific position, the company might re-direct it to another that better fits your profile....

There is restaurant inside the company's premises with very low price.

Job Description

Job Description 

You design the process of the engines 

  1. Design layouts for mass production lines of engine parts (also, equipment and tools)

  2. Order necessary equipment and tools (jig) for the engine parts to the in-house departments or outside suppliers 

  3. Organize equipment and tools (jig)

  4. Review the production process in order to improve productivity 



  1. Experience in process design 

  2. Experience in facility design 

  3. Experience in producing new products in the field of the manufacturing

  4. Achievements, such as visible outcome, leading projects

  1. N3 or N4 Japanese level

New graduate students are also welcome 



The salary for new graduate students below,

Graduate schoolMaster…226,400 JPY Monthly

University…202,900 JPY Monthly

Community college/vocational school…169,000 JPY Monthly

The salary for mid careers depends on skills and experience.

Bonus: Twice a year 

Salary promotion: Once a year  

Work Type: Full-time

Core time: 10:00 – 15:00

Work location: Koga, Ibaraki-ken

*There is possibility to get transferred to another office

Holidays: Saturday, Sunday, and national holidays, paid holidays, summer holidays, Golden week, new year holiday, special leave for weddings and funerals

Allowances: Housing allowances (for new graduate students)

Social insurances: employment insurance, compensation insurance, health insurance, welfare pension insurance

Transportation cost: covered 

There are variety training programs and clubs you can take and enjoy at the company

Application process: The 1st interview can be done by Skype. You need to go to Koga’s office for the final interview. The company covers transportation cost. 

“Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only”

Salary range: ¥Less than 20,000.

How to Apply

If you are interested in this position, please apply here with the relevant CV/resume uploaded. Upon your submission of application, we will contact you for the follow-up questions to complete your application.


First, the company will be screening your resume. If you have been selected for the next round interview, we will disclose you the name of the company.

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