CTO at the company specialized in Unity

JLPT 2 or above (Engineer)
IT Venture


The company provides IT services: they develop their own services through conducting the latest global trends, but they also develop for clients’ IT services.

They have great track record of creating quality casual game, education related game, social game etc.…

For the in-house development, they are currently working on VR solution as its main focus. The company also makes strategic partnership with universities and other research institutes so as to work on latest technology.

Besides the development, they also provide seminars/educations particularly in the field of game development and Unity.

The company started to use Unity from the early time so there are a lot of expertise in Unity. Sometimes the company is invited to provide technical consultant to create development team for Unity.

They particularly focus on the power of game: they believe that through gamification, a lot of important learnings can be taught. One of the unique projects they work is with the professor from University of Tokyo to create interesting games about social issues. The project is also prepared with NPO group too.


▪Work Environment: There is no overtime work (unlike many other IT companies). The company highly values work life balance. The company also aims to have English as their main communication language in the office in the near future. However, so far, it has not been fully realized so the company is still in the process to become more global company. The company also has its office in Vietnam, they are considering to expand its activity in Asia. There are many foreign national employees working in the company (nationalities are varied from Taiwan, China, and Korea)

Shibuya-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

Job Description

Job Description

As a CTO, you would be working on programing of smartphone game using Unity and iOS.

As the development team leader, you are going to manage the whole team.

You would review the final product and finalize/approve the product

Provide technical training to new team members (with little experience)

Work on VR (virtual reality) system research and development


In summary, your work would be below:


・UI development

・Database setting

・Document specification

・Other related jobs



・Knowledge of SQL and server

・Experience of working on VR

・10 years or so programming experiences

・Development experiences in smartphone native language

・Development experiences in Unity

・Business level Japanese (JLPT1)

・If you are Vietnamese national, it would be a plus



・Annual salary: 6,500,00 JPY or above (based on your experiences and knowledge)

・Salary promotion;: Once a year (March)

・Varies social insurances

・Holiday: Saturday and Sunday, national holiday, Summer holiday, end of year and new year holiday,   

・Unless there is very critical project time period (which is rare), there is no overtime work


*Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan only*


How to Apply



If you are interested in this position, please apply here with the relevant CV uploaded. In the CV, please make sure to include the relevant experiences and skill sets required for this position. 


We will review your CV and contact you for the next step.



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