Business Positions at Several Divisions at IT x Photography Company

JLPT 2 or above (Business)
IT Venture


With IT roots, the CEO of this company has a tremendous passion for photography.That is why he decided to combine them both and created, in 2002, this photo family/person history company, inspired by similar service overseas. He was the first one who brought and polished the service in Japan.

The company makes it possible the combination of people's desire to record in images very stage in their life and professional photography, all meeting online. People can purchase pictures online. 1 couple of every 6 in Japan, already uses the company's service.


Employees with various and rich backgrounds gather in this company. There are already other companies belonging to the group. and one of the child companies is based in Taiwan.There are already Asian employees , and in believing and pursuing more diversity, the company now is aiming at incorporating employees from other regions such as Europe or America.

In this company, you will have the freedom to apply for specific projects you would like to take part of.

Job Description

First of all, the divisions include: Internet photo service division, photo cloud division, advertising marketing support division, and HR department.

The company does not  necessarily ask you to identify and place yourself in specific position

when you apply. It rather wants you to decide the most appropriate one after knowing your strength and personality through interviews and open talk.


About the divisions themselves:


-Internet Photo Service Division

The division is in charge of negotiating shooting rights for several events from preparation stage, planning and event’s.

Target event markets are diverse such as sport, music, shows, schools and even child births at hospitals.


-Photo Cloud Division

You will propose digitalization of photo purchased to photographers and consult service operation. Current main targets are photo studios and wedding companies.


-Advertising Marketing Support Division

You are expected to combine the company’s business with client’s products/services to support their promotion and marketing.


-Human Resource Department

You will be in charge of recruiting and increasing the motivation of candidates through presentations and other activities.



3 million yen to 5 million yen, depending on your skill and experience

*Salary revision is twice a year 


-Business level Japanese

Preferred Experience

-Sales experience

Working Hours

9:00am to 6:00pm


Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, Summer holidays, New year holidays, Paid leaves, (10 days for the first year), Special leaves for weddings and funerals, Parental leaves etc…


Please note that the position is only for those who are currently residing in Japan

How to Apply

If you are intersted in this position, please apply here wit the relevant CV/resume uploaded. Upon your submission of application, we will contact you for the follow-up questions to complete your application. 
First the company will be screening your resume.  If you have been selected for the next round interview, we will disclose you the name of the company

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