AI and Machine learning Engineer

No/Low Japanese (Engineer)
IT start up

NOTE: This job listing has expired and may no longer be relevant!


The company provides high quality security system particularly in the field of IoT.

Security and reliability are becoming requirements in entry-level smart embedded applications especially critical for connected systems. Mobile automotive IoT cloud computing home automation and a broad range of emerging markets will benefit from the combination of high performance and low power provided by the MIPS Warrior CPUs and the secure management enabled by the company.

The company has designed the new product, hypervisor to manage the processor memory and system resources and set up independent virtual machines on a single CPU platform that can support multiple unmodified operating systems (OS) and applications in a secure environment. This provides task isolation IP protection and reliability.

Secure virtual machines have to date been used in high end processors. The MIPS M-class CPU IP cores announced by Imagination in February 2014 debuted as the world’s first entry-level MCU class processors with support for hardware virtualization technology.

The software manages the processor, memory and system resources to set up independent virtual machines on a single CPU platform that can support multiple, unmodified, operating systems (OS) and applications in a secure environment that provides task isolation, IP protection and reliability. 

The company also provides a new solution which is based on voice recognition and arificial inteligence. They are develping the system together with one of the largest Japanese electronic companies. Their product has truly high quality voice recognition system and the system will automatically optimize the user service and solution based on external network and other system connected to AI. What really makes this product innovative is the fact that the system can learn on their own using machine learning.  The product has been gaining support from major automobile company. 



The company is targetting global market and their products have been featured in major foreign media and are working on global projects. 

Job Description

The company is developing the new system based on voice recognition and Artificial Inteligence.


Job Description

You would be developing system which would combine voice recognition and Artificial Intelligence

You would work on optimization of clients’ system based on solution which the company’s partner has (voice recognition technology)

Work on improvement as well as research and development of the company’s original technology

Customize the system based on the clients’ needs

If you have project leader or project management experience, you may be able to take part of management role


Development environment


Language: C, Python, R, C++


Work environment

The company encourages everyone to share his/her new ideas regardless of positions/ages.

Everyone is encouraged to work in his/her own unique way



 ・Knowledge/Expereinces in the field of Artificial Inteligence

・Interest or experience of Machine learning (Random forest, SVM), deep learning network (DNN) etc…

・Programming experience of using open source  

・No Japanese is required  (However after joining the company, it is better if you try to improve your Japanese so that you can have casual conversation in Japanese with other colleagues)


■Work Conditions:

・Flex time: average work schedule is 9:30-18:30 but you can choose your schedule ・8 hours a day (average)

・Trial period: 3 months

・Salary: based on your experience and skill set

・Salary promotion: once a year

・Various banefits (health insurange, transportation cost)

・Funding for team building

・Holiday: Weekend, national holiday, Year end and New Year holiday, Golden Week, Summer holiday, Paid leaves,  

・For those who performed well, you may be eligible for stock option


*Pleaase note that the position is limited to those who are residing in Japan only*

How to Apply


If you are interested in this position, please apply here with the relevant CV uploaded. In the CV, please make sure to include the relevant experiences and skill sets required for this position. 


We will review your CV and contact you for the next step.


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