October 6, 2014

Healthcare, Hottest field in Venture

Health Care is considered to be one of the hottest venture fields. Y Combinator, American seed accelerator so-called ‘Startup machine’ in Silicon Valley commented that they are paying very close attention to great health care IT ventures.

In Septmebr, Active Connector held an event with GSPORT which is a leading academic health care IT ventures in Japan.
The objective of the event is to provide an opportunity which international students and company’s executives interact each other so that they can get to know them better than resumes/homepage explanation.
The event venue was packed with many enthusiastic students, mainly engineer students.

2014-09-03 18.16.18

From Goldman to Start up

The event started off with GSPORT CEO’s introduction about why he established his company years ago leaving Goldman Sachs. He then showed what kind of heath care IT products that the company is selling as well as the future vision of the company.

The event was followed by Q & A where a lot of students asked questions to the CEO to further understand about the company as well as their products.
After gaining sufficient insights about the company, the students were divided into two groups. Each group worked on quick brainstorming sessions to give consultancy to the company.

Students provided a lot of innovative ideas about how the company can utilize their current products to bigger market or even some new ideas for the future products.

Event ended with casual networking sessions where students and company’s employees gathered over snacks and drinks to chat about corporate culture, what it is like to work in the company etc…

2014-09-03 18.56.25

More than conventional job hunting

The event helped students to get to know about the company and vise versa. One student commented that it was his first time to attend a job hunting event but because of the atmosphere, he could be relaxed throughout the session and enjoyed himself. Also we got comments from people from GSPORT that they really enjoyed meeting with talented international students.

Now some students are currently in progress of interview session with the company. We hope to keep organizing the similar kind of event to create more opportunities for international students and companies meet each other and be a changing force of a part of global-scale innovation.