December 19, 2013

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What do you do when you are 20s?

We had 5th inspiring talk event combined with Christmas Party in our office located in Hongo Sanchome. This time, we featured two young entrepreneurs of 20s: Mr.Nakamoto, CEO/Founder of Caraquri Inc and Mr.Yano, General Manager of SMATOOS Inc Korea’s Japanese branch.

Our office was packed with enthusiastic students ready to listen to stories of how the young men in their age decided to take up the challenges in their career.  There were students from almost all the continents of the world and each student has diverse specialty background ranging from computer science, MBA to public policy.


Hear the voices directly

After hearing the brief stories from the entrepreneurs, students asked many questions directly to the entrepreneurs. One student asked the speakers about if the speakers had any dilemma between what they are good at (they have been trained) and what they really love.  There was one student fromWaseda MBA who has been working on one web application. He shared his idea with Mr.Nakamoto, whose main business is on web application development. Some students have the vision of launching their own start-ups. Mr.Yano, who switched his career in the big multi national corporate to the start up, shared his stories of how his days changed.


Students shared that the event was helpful for them to think about their career opportunities and what they really want to do.

Seeing the entrepreneurs who truly enjoyed their job really inspirited many students. Mr.Nakamoto said in replying to one student’s question about how to come up with the business idea, ‘Before thinking about business or job, you should ask yourself, what your vision is. What you are passionate about?’


What is your vision?

Are you working towards your vision?



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