November 18, 2013

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We see the future!

Team Lab, as the name is suggesting, we had a chance to witness the LABORATORY where the future is creating! We had 4th interactive session with Team Lab, which is one of the most fascinating venture firms that are  blurring the boundaries that define various fields of expertise. TeamLab is challenging or rather enjoying surprising the society through their innovative discoveries and inventions with the combined expertise from various different kinds of field. 


On November 14th evening, 18 international students gathered in Team Lab office in Bunkyo ku. Co-Founder of Team Lab, Mr.Sakai gave us hours-long inspiring sessions on how Team Lab has been realizing innovation by crossing the borders of technology and arts.

He shared with his sense of humor and also his passion of Team Lab’s project, he showed us variety of innovative projects/products team lab developed.  The projects were widely varied from visual performance used for Japanese pop idol group live in Kohaku (most popular new year TV program in Japan), newly hot tourist spot of Tokyo, Sky Tree, and some international projects.

Because their projects seem ‘So unique’ , some of the students’ big question was how team lab can really function as business. We really got an impression that Team Lab is not a company but a big exciting laboratory full of great experts enjoying to go beyond what we think the reality. Mr.Sakai explained that many of the projects are developed based on each client s’needs.

Bit of Spice for our life

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In their office, we could witness their innovative products. For example, on the left photo,Mr.Sakai is holding the hanger, well, the point is this is THE hanger with the display monitor on top. When you are at some clothing shop, wondering if the clothes will fit to you, how attractive the clothes will look like, you pick up the clothes, and THERE in the monitor, you see a model wearing the clothes in a perfect setting that you can dream of.  In a sense, Team Lab Hanger helps you go beyond your imagination. (And help you decide to buy!)

On your right, you see the big TV screen monitor of people’s photo. Guess what. This is the reception of Team Lab office. In the screen, you can search people’s name, or photos, and pick up the right one you want to have a meeting with. It is very helpful in a sense not only you can prepare yourself whom you are going to be meeting with, but also you can see bit of profiles of each persons. For example, beside each staff’s photo, there are short introduction like ‘My favorite food’ ‘I want to do…’. You can start off your meeting with a topic that will actually interest the person.

Full of creativity



We were fortunate to have an office tour with Mr.Sakai. Some of the students have been to Google office and they compared their impression of Google to Team Lab’s office in terms of how the environment is fostering creativity.

We can see that Team Labs’ inspiration does come from Japanese popular culture or historical culture. All the students were very excited to see such mixture of culture that are ultimately leading to very innovative products/projects.

Some students will be applying for their intenrship/full time job positions. They will keep sharing with us their experiences with Team Lab from their perspective.

We want to take this opportunity to thank Team Lab and Mr.Sakai for amazing time at their office!


TEAMLAB is an ultra-technologists group made up of specialists in the informationsociety such as programmers (application programmers, user interface engineers, DBengineers, network engineers), robot engineers, mathematicians, architectures, Web designers, graphic designers, CG animators, painters,editors and so on.  TeamLab carries out activities across a range of media, from developing web and robot technology, to installation art, video art and spatial design, making the border between Technology, Art, and Design more ambiguous.

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