July 11, 2014

Inspiring Session with Start-up Companies


We had the inspiring session with the collaboration with Samurai Incubate Inc.*, on 3rd July, at its cool office where you can feel the ‘modern Samurai [passionate young enrepreneurs’] spirit’ all over. The hot five start-up companies, AmazingLife, FiNC, Mobile Factory, Resorz, and Shiroyagi Corporation came to meet with 15 international students.

The purpose of this event was to have interactive sessions between start-ups and students to come up with creative ideas for their business strategy. The event was very special as there were companies from various different field gathered: namely, from health service, news media service to business platform to help Japanese companies’ global expantion etc…


Presentations and Sessions

Represenatives from each company gave 4-min presentations, which they shared companies’ principle business, missions, and challenges to the students. One student commented that ‘I could understand more about the companies hearing passionate speah directly from them!’

After the companies’ presentations, we had 20-min discussions on how to solve the challenges that each companies faced., For instance, “Which new mobile-based entertainment service should we develop?”, “Which countries should we approach?”, and “After you came to Japan, which culture did you find the most interesting?”.


The students enjoyed sharing their ideas for the companies’ challenges, Many were sharing very unique perspectives based on their cultural background or specialized field. The participant companies commented that the ideas from the international students were very stimulating and inspiring.





After the event, there was a casual networking between the students and the start-ups over snacks and drinks. The students talked actively with the companies that they were interested in.

This event was a great opportunity for the students, the companies, and us. The event was not only inspiring to the students but also was inspiring to the participant companies. We got comments from the companies that they were very excited to interact with the students from all over the world and have a lot of passions.

Now some of the participants in progress of having an interview with the participant companies for possible internship positions.


*Samurai Incubate Inc.: Samurai Incubate inc. was founded in 2008 to support early-stage startups in the areas of management, marketing, sales, human resources, and finance. The company invests in star-up ventures, and they also hold advisory posts and serve as external directors of some venture companies.