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“A few as one in every three international students who wish to stay and work in Japan are able to secure meaningful employment”

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The problem is NOT the lack of jobs or talent (Japanese firms are hungry for global talent) but it stems from a deeply rooted culture of job hunting in Japan: the infamous "Shukatsu".

Active Connector bypasses this stressful process for students residing in Japan by actively connecting them with Japanese firms.


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For students

Active Connector is aimed at serving as the bridge between international students and companies in Japan.

Our principle goal is to assist international students in securing careers in Japan where they can maximize their potential.

We hope that the inclusion of such diverse characters will, in turn, create a new paradigm for positive change and innovation amongst Japanese companies.


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  • Conventional interview sessions are very much one-sided: companies ask you questions and you provide ‘right’ response. Moreover, this always occurs in a formal setting.
    But when you are actually hired to work at the company, the person who gave you interview may be sitting right next to you! You can’t keep acting, you will want to know what kind of people are working at the office, and you will want to express who you really are, including what new ideas and perspectives you can offer.
    Our interactive session enable you to do so.

    You no longer need to cram in preparation of repeating the ‘right’ answers for your interview. But be prepared to express yourself. Also make the most of the opportunity to know about companies through interaction with the people working there.
  • When you start working in Japan…You will wake up at almost the same time each day (quite probably being squashed in a fully packed commuter train (manin densha)). and you will be sitting in the same desk for hours and hours. When you go home that night you will probably be again being fighting to get space in an equally packed train….….all this for for five days a week! Once you go back home, you will be probably exhausted, and looking for warm bath and cozy bed. Period.

    All this means that most of your waking hours during weekdays will be spent at work, working for the company. This is when you will ask yourself:How do you want to spend that time? We feel that ultimately work is much more than the ‘name of the company’ or ‘job position’: it is about HOW you spend your time, and HOW you feel there.

    Beyond the ‘advertisement’ of the companies that is part of ‘shukatsu’, this is your chance to learn about the real inside of the company and probably about the real inside of yourself as well!
  • Traditionally, when students are offered jobs, it is mostly a one-way deal: Companies provide you the package, which you are supposed to bow and graciously say ‘yes’ to, no matter what the conditions. But is it really fair? Is it really possible in today’s highly competitive global labor market?

    If there is anything you want to tell companies beforehand, this is the time for you to tell them. You may feel sometimes uncomfortable doing this, but if you do not clarifying your questions at this point, you will only be dissatisfied. We feel this is a common reason that most young employees leave the workforce within a few years of receiving their jobs.

    The goal is to get everyone to feel satisfied and fulfilled in their work, not simply get an offer.
    Our role is to stand between you and Japanese companies to help you find a your careerpath in Japan that will bring you this fulfillment.

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