October 2, 2013

CEO of Active Connector, got an opportunity to participate in Google for Entrepreneurs Week Tokyo.Google for Entrepreneur week has been conducted in 57 cities of 36 countries world wide this year.

Google itself was a startup founded by two young men, Larry Page and Sergey Brin in one garage site. Google has been showing how one start up firm can change the world. Since then, Google wants to encourage the entrepreneurship.

The event has pitching contest by start up firms.  Also there were inspiring talks by Google Employees, various experience entrepreneurs and VC on what we, as entrepreneurs, should know.

Out of all the talks, Asami said she particularly keeps remembering the word by Mr.Isayama, Co-Founder and CEO of WiL, of which he mentioned about ‘Planned Happenstance Theory‘. According to the theory, in this life, individual career, or which he translated as ‘success’,  is decided by 80%  unexpected events or chance encounters. There are people who let the chances as they are, while there are other people who will turn the chances into destiny and achieve ‘something’.  There are people who try to create new chances on their own

Active Connector is determined to turn all the chances into destiny and we will keep working hard until we see the world embracing the diversity, as the foundation of innovation. In fact, thanks to all the chances turned to destiny, we are now preparing many exciting projects and events, which we can’t wait to share with you all. Please stay tuned for our update!

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More about Google for Entrepreneurshttp://www.google.com/entrepreneurs/