Do you have any questions?

Question #1:
What kind of companies can Active Connector introduce to me?

Active Connector introduces a range of companies in Japan that you’ve never thought about. These companies actively seek for innovation and globalization through the diversity of international students.

Question #2:
What will I get by registering at Active Connector?

You will have the opportunity to directly interact with the companies’ representatives, to learn more about their business, as well as what kind of people they are looking for. We also provide you with internships and job offers.

Question #3:
Do I have to pay for anything?

No, it is completely free of charge.

Question #4:
How can I register?

Please fill in the necessary informations on the registration page. We will then contact you for an interview to get to know you better.

Question #5:
My Japanese sucks, can I still register?

Yes, of course you can!
Language barrier is obviously a challenge, but it should not stop you from registering, most of our events are in English anyway.

Question #6:
What will happen after I register?

You will get access to a dedicated section where information about events / internships / jobs will be provided.

Question #7:
What kind of internship will I be offered?

There will be various different types of internship depending on each company.

Question #8:
How long is the internship and will I be paid for that?

That depends on the company, but the internship usually lasts for a few months.
As for payment, this depends on the type of internship. We try our best to provide a variety of opportunities that will satisfy you.

Question #9:
What kind of interactive sessions are you talking about?

‘Interactive sessions’ for us means an open-ended talk over a casual coffee or lunch where you can talk to company representatives in English or Japanese.
We will also accept suggestions from your side on the style of the sessions!

Question #10:
I am not invited to register but I am very interested, how can I register?

We are currently limiting our services on an invitation basis because we are just in the start-up phase.
However, if you are interested, please ‘LIKE’ our Facebook page for updates or contact us at [email protected].

I still have more questions.
What do I do?

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