Science・Technology × Art = Innovation

Date 11/14/2013 Time 19:00 → 21:00 Address Bunkyo

Event Description

Science・Technology × Art = Innovation

〜pushing the limit of TECHNOLOGY combined with ART, basically a SCIENCE laboratory for INNOVATION

This is one of the coolest companies born for breaking the rules of science, technology, design and art. It keeps chasing for innovative changes for over 11 years and supplying professional solutions by a creative team in their unique Disney-like office.

Right now, FULL-TIME / INTERNSHIP positions are opening for talented international students. Catalyst, designer and engineer positions for full-time and diverse opportunities for internships as well!

As a Japan-started but non-Japanese style company, it is involved in many big projects all over the world, like France, Norway, Korea, Shanghai, Taiwan, etc. Also, it has provided strong support for big international companies including: NINTENDO, NISSAN, REDBULL, Adidas, KDDI, Recruit, etc.

- Want to know its name?


In the event, an inspiring talk will be given by the TEAMLAB member, who has been working on various innovative and international projects. You will hear very first-hand stories of how can one lead innovation in the world and also things engineers should know during creative thinking process.

120% fun is guaranteed! Limited to 30 students!

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