Special Job Hunting Website

Date 10/19/2016 Time 18:00 → 21:00 Address Chiyoda-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

Event Description

Meet world leading technology companies face to face, give your presentation, go to next round interview!   There will be HR Manager from IBM, Suntory,  Konika Minolta and other technology companies. Meet HR managers directly, present yourself, have casual networking session, and get a job offer!!



Wednesday October 19th, 2016

Door open: 17:45Event starts: 18:00Event ends: 21:00
Program:Company’s presentation > Your presentation (2 minute) in English/Japanese (whichever you prefer) > Group interview with 5 companies > Networking
Dress Code: Business
Venue: Kojimachi station (We will inform the address of the venue to those who got selected to participate)

  • 1) Graduating in March 2017 or Summer 2017 (or have already graduated)
  • 2) Science or Engineer Major (Master or PhD)
  • 3) Wishing to work in Japan
  • 4) Able to prepare presentation etc…for the event

In case of too many applicants, we will select the 20 participants.


What to prepare for the event:

・If you get selected, you are required to prepare 2 minute presentation which you would explain about yourself, and your research topic (PPT format). The presentation should be submitted by October 14th 15:00. 

You also need to submit your research abstract and your CV (Both in Japanese and English)

We would also request you to prepare your presenatation translated in Japanese, however, if you have any difficulty, we can help you on this. But please note that we will prioritize those who can work on translation on his/her own (or with the help of his/her Japanese friends)

・You would also submit which companies you would like to apply for and provide the reason/motivation 


Fee: Free


What will happen beforeduring/after the event?

・Before the event, you will submit which company you are interested etc… Based on that, we wil make the prior match and arrange the group interview setting

・During the event, you are assigned to 5 group interviews based on your prior submission and companies’ wish 

・During the event, even if you cannot secure the group interview at the companies that you are interested, you can still have a chance to talk to other companies during the networking session

・After the session, if the company is interested in you, you will be invited to next round interview which wil be held at each cmpany’s office


*Please note that the event does not guarantee you for the job offer. It only provides the opportunity for you to meet many companies face to face, where you will have more chances to promote yourself.


*Please note that there may be changes in the participating companies due to some unavoidable circumstances*

*Please note that there may be changes in the participating companies due to some unavoidable circumstances*