Nippon Quest Brainstorming Session

Date 10/14/2015 Time 18:00 → 21:30 Address Minato-ku

Event Description

Nippon Quest is the METI Sponsored special website to explore the hidden gems of local areas from all over Japan. The website featureed 名物(Meibutsu, hidden gems) such as locally produced special foods, special hand made products, hidden places to visit which is not usally on the guidebook etc…Through this website, METI wants to connect Japan and the foreign vistors to Japan.

The website’s original aim is to realize local revitalization. So many Japanese local places, country side, are suffering from too low presence, many young people moving out from the places to city-center, not many people (including foreign tourists) are paying attention to and their beautiful culture are facing the risk of getting faded.

So here it is. We are looking for Nippon Quest Ambassador candidates/Current Ambassador to brainstorm as to how we can improve this website: Nippon Quest.

We are holding special brainstorming session on Nippon Quest on Wednesday October 14th from 18:00 at Hakuhodo (one of the largest PR/Marketing agencies).

Free food and drink will be provided! And we will also cover your transporattion cost (up to 2000 JPY).


■Date & Time: Wednesday October 14th 18:00-21:30 (Free dinner will be provided)


■Place: Hakuhodo Office @Akasaka station


What we are going to do?

1. Discuss about Nippon Quest website as to how we can improve it

2. Brainstorm future possibility of Nippon Quest website


What is the role of ambassadors?

Ambassadors are here to support Nippon Quest website and promote it to your home country and your friends from many different countries.


■Free trip to various places in Japan & meet people that you cannot meet usually:

As an ambassador, you will be provided some special opportunities occasionaly. Previously, there was a chance to visit Kyushu and have an interview with local tea products producer, tradional paper making experts. There was a case to coordiante with Tokyo FM and visited special rice field with arts etc…


■Special Funding for your blog article &trip: 

You will be also entitled to suggest your blog aritlce topic and if your idea is great, you will be getting 10,000 JPY funding for your trip.