Local Revitalization project:Let’s help traditional quality products go global

Date 03/05/2016 Time 11:00 → 16:00 Address Taitō-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

Event Description

There are so many beautiful local quality products that have been passed down from generations to generations. In the past, a lot of Japanese people have the taste to cherish such quality products. Also the number of such pooulation makes up enough market size.

However due to the rapid growth of this trend of fast fashion and fast consumption, such kind of beautiful tradition is fading away little by litte.

While some producers decided to close their business, some are still determined to face this challenge and produce innovative products.


This time, three producers from Tohoku, Gifu and Aichi would come together to work on innovation workshop which they need you!

Togetther with professional creators, artists, we are looking for passionate and talented international people to help those prodcers to come up with innonvative solutions as to how to make their products more globally appreciated. The session is part of Nippon Quest, led by METI and Hakuhodo, event which aims to revitalize local areas of Japan.


Event detaisl:


■  Date: Saturday March 5th, 2016/02/20


■Time schedule:

10:30 door open

11:00 Orientation

11:15 Presentation by the local traditional producers

①       Traditional Japanese sweets shop in Aizu “Nagatoya” http://shop.nagatoya.net/?pid=50336182


②       Pottery maker in Gifu : http://www.yamaryo451.com/


③       Tile maker in Aichi: http://www.e-oni.com/


*As you can see their website, they have great beautiful products, but they are struggling to promote their products globally


11:30  Team making

11:35  Crosswork facilitated by Hakuhodo, one of the largest PR and Advertising agencies

12:00 Lunch with the produces and other professional creators

13:30 Presentation

14:00 Presentation by other local traditional producers  *MC is a famous actress, Murai Miki

You will be working as a judge to decide which product can be of the good hit or not

16:00 End of the session



■  What you are going to do:

・  Participate the workshop and generate gread ideas to help the local traditional makers who are struggling

・  Be the judge to evaluate the local traditional producers’ product (after hearing their short product pitch)

・  Eventually, you will be helping the local revitalization in Japan!


■  Requirements:

・  No Japanese is required

・  Creative and passionate people

・  People from diverse cultural and speciality background is welcome

・  Can participate the session from the beginning to the end


■  Best fit for those:

・  Who love to learn about how local traditional producers are doing

・  Love to travel Japan

・  Love to be involved with creative workshop


■  Maximum capacity: 15 people only


■  Participation fee: Free  *You will get free lunch provided which you can taste the local great foods from all over Japan


■  Venue: Asakusa Marugoto Nippon https://marugotonippon.com/