【CLOSED】Local→Global Open Innovation Workshop with Japanese Creators

Date 01/12/2016 Time 19:00 → 21:30 Address Anywhere

Event Description

Due to a large number of applicants, we are closing the event. For those who wished to participate, we hope to see you during the next event!


Want to be a part of exciting new global product design open innovation session that will revitalize local great producers in Japan?

In Nara, specifically in the city of Yoshino,  tradition of forestry has been passed from generations to generations, over 500 years. They take immense time to grow one good wood and because of that, the quality of woods have been maintained. The peole there have been living together with nature/mountain over there and have been realizing sustainable way of forestry. However with the rapid consumption and all, there is a trend of favoring cheaper materials and their tradition is now in danger.

Seeing such situation, one local manufacturing company started to produce beautiful lantern using this Nara wood. They tried to share the beautify of such quality wood through lantern.

They think that in order for them to make the products more wide, they would like to see how they can develop beautiful lanterns that will be appreciated globally.

Here comes to the great opportunity for you, international students. It will be open innovation workshop session facilitated by one of the renowned creators from Hakuhodo, PR/Advertisement agencies. You will be brainstorming with japanese professional creators.

Let’s help local tradition survive while the beautify of the products/wood will be appreciated all over the world.


Details of the session is as below:


Date/Time: Tuesday January 12th 19:00



18:45 Meeting time

19:00 Introduction/purpose of the [email protected]

19:15 Yoshino (in Nara) Hinoki Orientation *We will learn about the Yoshino history, how the forestry has been passed down from generation

19:40 Open Innovation workshop! Team buidling, workshop

20:40  Presentation

21:00 End of the session

21:00 Networking *Free drink and free food will be provided!


Dress Code: Casual


Participation Fee; Free *Drink and food will be provided!


Place: TBA


NOTE: There will be NHK reporter coming and will be filming the session. So it will be aired in TV. So please attend only if you are ok to be on TV.


This is a part of Nippon Quest (https://nipponquest.com/) event. Prior to participate the event, you are required to register for Nippon Quest and become NIppon Quest ambassador.


*Reference: Yoshino Hinoki story