Interview with Professional #005:Japan Times journalist

Date 11/10/2014 Time 17:00 → 18:00 Address Minato, Tokyo, Japan

Event Description

Talk to successful professional in Japan and broaden your perspective!

 The fifth ession is with a female foreign journalist working in Japan Times.

This time, the theme of the topic will be about ‘What it is like to work in Japan as a female foreigner?’. The speaker got married with Japanese husband and has been working in Japan for long.   

Here are the latest contributions (articles) by Ms.Osumi:


■Date: Monday, November 10th

■Time: 17:00-18:00 

■Language: English 

■Place: to be announced if you are selected to participate


*This time, the event is limited to 5 female students only. This is because we are collaborating the session with ハナラボ, Japanese NPO with the mission of empowering women (female university students). We want to give this opportunitiy to female students this time. 

*Also when you participate the session, you may be required to write up a part of the script or to share your comments afterwards.