Interview with Professional #003: Asahi Shimbun

Date 09/30/2014 Time 10:30 → 11:30 Address Chuo, Tokyo, Japan

Event Description

Talk to successful professional in Japan and broaden your perspective!

 The third session is with the head of Asahi Shimbun Media Lab.
Asahi Shinbun is the largest news paper agency in Japan.Media Lab works on innovative new project utilizing Asahi Shimbun platform. 
You can learn a lot about innovation in big Japanese agency. 

■Date: Tuesday, September 30th 

■Time: 10:30am-11:30 am 

■Language: English 

■Place: to be announced if you are selected to participate


Profile of the speaker:

Graduated from Keio University with 理工学部計測工学科 in 1989. 

He then joined Asahi Shimbun. He was involved with the development and management of creating newspaper system, support team of collecting datas, secretariat works. From 1999, he entered the field of internet and digital service. 

He was a part of developing a new system where people can access to archive of the articles, distribution of mail magazine, constructing a news distribution channels for the news from local areas, collaboration with BS (digital broad cast network). 

From 2001 to 2003, he stayed in Silicon Valley. He was in chard of sending out the news utilizing the time difference/ 

In 2008, he was involved with a new business development with the project with its competitor. He has been actively involved with a lot of in-house venture projects and is currently leading innovation section called Media Lab.

During his off time, he loves making Okonomiyaki and Takoyaki.


*The place is limited to 5 people only. Please apply by Saturday, September 27th noon time. 

*Also when you participate the session, you may be required to write up a part of the script or to share your comments afterwards.