Interview with professional: #001 Microsoft

Date 08/28/2014 Time 16:00 → 17:00 Address Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan

Event Description

Talk to successful professional in Japan and broaden your perspective!

The first interview session is with Mr.Kasugai from Microsoft. 


If you think Education and business are separate? No, that is not true! You can work on many education projects within the company . 

Mr.kasugai works as an ‘Evangelist’ meaning to spread the value of IT to people, mainly to younger generation in Japan. He works on various interesting events which encourage young students to learn about how fun it is to be in IT field which eventually leads to the interest to Microsoft Products. 


In the interview session you can learn about how the education project works, how he decieded to work in Microsoft. Also you can learn about the work environement of Microsoft. 


Session will be conducted in English 

Note: the session is limited to 5 people only.