Inspiring talk by a young passionate city council member of Tokyo local government office

Date 02/11/2014 Time 16:00 → 18:00 Address Bunkyo, Tokyo, Japan

Event Description

If you want to participate Local Government Internship in Spring 2014, Mr.Oka, a city council member of Ota-ward, Tokyo will be holding the informative session. 

He willl be sharing how local government works and his expectation on those who will be applying for Internship program.  

Internship at local government office of Ota-ward is the first initiative and you can be one of the students to make impact on local policy. If you are interested in applying for the position, please don’t miss this chance! 

□■Time: Door opens at 15:45 pm , Event starts from 16:00 pm

□■Program: Talk by Mr.Oka, Q&A session, Casual networking

□■Free of charge (We only require your active participation during the event!) 

□■The event will be all in English 



Mr.Oka Profile:  After graduating from Universtiy of Tokyo with a Law degree, he started his professional career in the finance industry. In very challenging and stimulating environments, he learnd the spirit of professionalism. He truly enjoys his lifework everyday. He likes to engage himself in the community even outside the work. He teaches basketball to kids and also he also organizes nature trips for children. He enjoys seeing children getting vitalized through various experiences.After having been in the field of business for 12 years, he decided to give back to community through Politics. He is passionate about making the city one of the attractive places where everyone feels proud to live.  He is young, 37 years old,  and passionate about making the positive change in the society. He belongs to the Democratic Party of Japan.


About internship: