Halloween featuring ‘COOL JAPAN’ Start ups: Awesome Japan & ALL BLUE

Date 10/29/2014 Time 18:00 → 21:00 Address Bunkyō-ku, Tōkyō-to, Japan

Event Description

If you are looking for Halloween party that is more than just dressing up, here is a great event that we are offering. Our halloween party is fearuing two great start ups that work in the field of “COOL JAPAN”. Cool Japan sounds too familiar with most of us living in Japan, but have you had a chance to hear what people are actually doing and what kind of possibilities out there? In the event, you can hear their future strategies and also exchange ideas about how they can further develop their plans. 

There are two people coming from each companies, so you will have a chance to interact with these employees. Also the companies are offering internships in case you are interested.

■Date& Time:  Wednesday October 29th  

Door Opens at 5:45 pm

Event starts at 6:00 pm

→Presentation by All Blue & Awesome Japan →lMini-Ideathon with the company staffs

Networking over food & drink 

Free Drink & Food

■Requirement: Interest in the companies (either of the companies) presenting at the event

■Dress code:  Casual or Dress us if you can/want! Theme-Cool Japan  コスプレ since both companies are featuring COOL JAPAN i.e. anime, idol, and game, if you can dress up in line with this theme, that will be really great!  

■Venue: Active Connector Office located at 2 minutes walk from Hongo Sanchome Station  #901 ofHongo Corporation (name of the building),  2-40-13Hongo, Bunkyo, Tokyo,


About the companies:

All Blue: With an investment from one of the largest advertisement agencies,  the company provides various services to help foreigners feel close to the girls’ culture unique to Japan, such as idol culture, Harajuku culture and gyaru culture.  Internship opportunity Communication Designer

Awesome Japan:    AWESOME JAPAN Inc. aims to go beyond ‘COOL JAPAN’. The company introduces AWESOME Japanese anime, game and manga products and creative ideas to people around the world through web/social media platform.  Internship opportunity: Kick Starter Business Development Assistant


Profile of the presenters

From All Blue

○●Kenji Harada: COO & Founder ○●

Kenji Harada is the COO and founder of ALLBLUE. His vision with ALLBLUE is to spread Japanese pop culture and entertainment in entire world. After graduating from Osaka University, Department of Economics, he joined Hakuhodo, a domestic advertising agency. In his 6 years in Japanese media development and advertising, he came to realize the necessity of boundary-less communication platform for fans who enjoy common tastes individually here and there. Then he participated in the in-house startup support project, and his foresight was formally recognized, founded the All Blue, Inc. in April 2013. All blue’s new media, Tokyo Girls’ Update, is now enjoyed among more than 1.2 million fans and 150 countries.


○●Ayaka Abe / Head Editor○●

Ayaya Abe is the head editor of Tokyo Girls’ Update. She covers event, writes and edits articles as the head editor to share Japanese girls’ culture to a more global audience worldwidely. She studied mainly Literature and Japanese pop and sub culture at Waseda University SILS, one also has experience of 1-year study abroad at Bergen University in Norway. Been working in girls’ fashion magazines “Ranzuki” for three years, and started her career in ALL BLUE.inc. She has more expertise in Japanese teen fashion than anyone else (probably)! Of corse she herself is a big fan of Japanese girls’ culture, and a huge fan of the Revolutionary Girl Utena and Bakemonogatari animes.


From Awesome Japan

○●Taro Fukuyama, Advisor○●

After graduating from University of Essex, UK, he worked in an established big Japanese company that is listed in Tokyo Stock Exchange. There, he was involved with investment, new business development. He then changed his career and joined Venture Capital which is very famous for its hands on support to the companies they are investing to. He is involved with Awesome Japan as an advisor.


○●Kazuhiro Tsuchinaga, Executive○●

After graduating from University of Tokyo with Master degree from Department of Earth and Planetary Science, he joined Hikari Tsushin Inc. Hikari Tsushin has assumed a leading role as a distributor, in a constantly changing telecommunications industry. He was working on various investment deals and in-house consulting works at the company. He then joined the start up, AWESOME JAPAN as an executive.